Fund a Girl is an initiative established with the aim to support underprivileged girls, especially those in secondary schools, in their quest for an education. Many girls are forced to drop out of school and get into early child marriages due to many circumstances such as lack of school fees, lack of school supplies and welfare day to day needs, absence of motivation/inspiration and inadequate sexual and reproductive health information. On average, a rural secondary school girl only needs Mk60,000 to get her through a whole year studies. Fund a Girl is committed to making a difference by helping these girls complete their studies in contribution to the future they want by giving people who have passion to help others a platform to make a difference by supporting these girls in school.


A Malawi with knowledgeable and empowered women.


Supporting resource poor girls in their quest for an education through the following interventions;

  • Linking well-wishing individuals to needy girls in secondary schools.
  • Raising funds for girls to help provide school supplies and welfare needs such as school uniforms, note books, sanitary pads, and upkeep resources.
  • Providing a mentorship platform by linking secondary school girls to other young girls in colleges to act as mentors and source of inspiration.
  • Provision of sexual and reproductive health education.


To contribute to empowerment of resource poor girls in secondary schools and offer mentorship programmes as they are being moulded into future leaders.


  • Education of needy secondary school girls.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Sexual and reproductive health education.
  • Advisory services.


  • Sustainability – We believe an act of kindness must go all the way to completion. Thus, we aim to link our beneficiaries to individuals who can support them annually for efficient and thorough support.
  • Integrity and accountability – We aim to be trust worthy and accountable to all our stake holders and individual donors.
  • Innovation and sense of hope– We believe in creating a better future through creative approaches and new models that work, and by recognizing and celebrating successes.
  • Respect for and empowerment of beneficiaries– We believe that people are not defined by what they have or don’t have, thus we treat all our beneficiaries with respect without looking at their background.
  • Effectiveness in executing assignments– We are dedicated to bringing all our tasks to completion effectively, by tracking progress through monitoring and evaluation, and following up on all our donors.
  • Recognition and respect for other involved stake holders– We appreciate and value the efforts of everyone involved in our projects.




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